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Orange Hearts

Together With Refugees’ Orange Hearts Pledge campaign.

From August to December 2021 Together With Refugees coalition are calling on members in local communities across the country to:

  • Mobilise local people to pledge and project their support for those fleeing war and persecution.
  • Gather these pledges into huge orange hearts to be displayed at iconic landmarks in their areas. The displays will be coordinated nationwide for set dates in October and December, as the Nationality and Borders Bill is considered by MPs.
  • Lobby local constituency MPs on the Bill and advocate for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to refugees, to show their voters care. (See  Engage with MPs )

This orange heart with photos of local people pledging support was projected onto Norwich Castle during Refugee Week.

The orange heart represents compassion for people fleeing war and persecution. Inspired by the refugee nation flag, and the colours of a lifebelt, the heart symbolises hope and kindness. By re-creating and sharing the heart on your social media channels you can show your support for refugees.

Orange hearts representing thousands of personal and local community pledges displayed at key moments throughout the UK, will send a powerful and important message to the UK government.  Combined with efforts to target local MPs it will show the groundswell of support for a more compassionate approach to refugees.

What you can do now:

 Please add the orange heart emoticon   to your social media profile to show your support for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting people seeking sanctuary. You can explain its symbolism to your followers and encourage them to do the same. 

Mobilise locally with schools, supporting organisations, local council and other community groups to Show Your Hearts across your locality with a creative show of the orange heart symbolism and explanations for why we oppose the bill and seek a fairer humane and effective asylum system. See resources below. 


Show Your Hearts – guidance from Together with Refugees.

We have worked with Together with Refugees to develop resources suitable for Schools of Sanctuary.

See Schools Involvement with Refugees

 A crafted heart along with a handwritten letter will stand out amongst MPs correspondence, show how much you care about the issue and invoke a positive rather than defensive response from MPs.  Here are some links for the City of Sanctuary network, craft groups, drop-in sessions, ordinary people to craft their orange heart and use its powerful symbol to effect change.
Crochet a heart 
Turn your hearts into a chain 
Knit a Heart Shape | Puffy Heart Softies
Fold an origami heart
Embroider a heart

Click here for support and guidance to get media coverage for your Orange Hearts campaign.

And here is some Social Media Guidance from Asylum Matters to help you get the word out about the events and activities you’re taking part in to ensure they’re all linked up as part of a wider movement to stand #TogetherWithRefugees and campaign against the #AntiRefugeeBill.

See Events for information on the Week of Action from 18th October.

We will be adding further links to resources on this page as they become available.