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Work with your Local Authority

As well as engaging your MP, we urge groups and supporters to also work with their local councillors and other civic leaders to educate them about the Anti Refugee Bill and encourage them to take a stand against it.


Sheffield City Council leaders have already written to the Home Secretary to express their concerns about the bill and asked her to work with them to carry out “an effective, robust and transparent review of the asylum system”. In the letter they said:

“Sheffield is incredibly proud to have been the first City of Sanctuary in the UK and we continue to warmly welcome those who seek asylum. As a city, we strongly believe in showing compassion and kindness to those from all walks of life whom, for many reasons, find themselves seeking sanctuary.

If ‘The New Plan’ for immigration is accepted into legislation, this Government will have served to make it significantly harder, and more costly, both economically and socially, for us to respond effectively to this vulnerable group.

The New Plan for Immigration will not ‘fix the broken asylum system’. In the absence of robust, evidence-based argument to the contrary, we believe that this plan is likely to worsen the current position, not just for those seeking asylum in the UK, but also for the UK as a host nation and its citizens.”

See the full text of the letter here. 


Bristol City of Sanctuary has published an open letter – Seeking Sanctuary is a Human Right signed by leading local figures in protest at proposed changes to asylum and immigration laws. These include all the Bristol MPs, The Mayor, councillors and dozens of charities, faith groups and other civic society organisations.


Councillor Forbes of Newcastle City Council has also made a strong statement against the bill.

Asylum Matters Local Leaders Lobbying Kit

Please also see the City of Sanctuary Local Authorities Network pages especially How to work with your Local Authority which includes tips on effectively working  with councils and building relationships with councillors.